We are the King's Wholesale Family - a team of dedicated individuals with over 300 years of combined experience committed to providing exceptional service & the freshest product to meet your unique needs.



BillBill King

ext. 121

"I started working at King's in 1968 as the eldest S.O.B. (son of boss). Dad only fired me once when I didn't get my hair cut. Since then working at King's has been my only job and, as my wife would say, my only hobby."


PaulPaul King

President & Operations Manager
ext. 123

"As a boy I'd help unload the semitrucks at King's. I enjoy working alongside my dad (Bill) and the family."


Jon King

Sales Manager & Hard Good Buyer
ext. 122

"My brothers & I used to play baseball in the warehouse with a cardboard stick and wodded up ball of wax paper. My first job at King's back in 1973 was straightening up the wax paper. Go figure!"


RachelRachel King Berube

Marketing & Internet Manager
ext. 130

"I started working at King's in 1995 selling poinsettias on the side of the road at 8 years old for extra Christmas money. The Lord's always blessed us if & when things got tough."


JerryJerry Perry

Floor Manager

"My late Uncle Julius worked at King's a long time and always tried to get me to come work here with him. I started as a driver on January 2, 2015 following in my uncle's footsteps."



A C C O U N T I N G   &   O F F I C E

JennyJenny King Daugherty

CPA & Payables

ext. 134

"My sisters & I would play pretend 'office' upstairs in the warehouse. When I was older, working the open house was always one of my favorite days of the year."


TeresaTeresa Adams

Office Manager & Receivables

ext. 132

"My first day at King's was in 1985. I drove the trash truck to the dump on Lena Road wearing my new pair of white sandals. They sure got mucky!"


ColleenColleen McLymond

Assistant Office Manager

"I applied for a driver position and was hired, but not as a driver. My first day at King's in 2017 I was stocking paint. Later I taught my daughter (Alyssa) the same skill her first day on the job."



C U S T O M E R   S E R V I C E  &  S A L E S

TommyTommy Mitchell

Lead Sales & Customer Service Rep

ext. 128

"I started at King's in 1986 as a Route Truck Salesman. I've since graduated to a desk & a headset."


VickieVickie Watts

Sales & Customer Service Rep

ext. 136

"My husband & I would drive by King's when we came down to visit. I told him I was going to work there one day. We moved to the area in July 2018 and I started at King's the very next month."


TimTim Deemer

Sales & Customer Service Rep

ext. 131

"I started working at King's in 1982 as a Route Truck Salesman. Then I worked nights managing the night crew and drivers. After 19 years away, it sure is nice to be back home."


EllieEllie Johnson

Customer Service Rep

"My first day at King's was October 23, 2015. It was the start of season & I felt as if I was thrown into the fire! Everyone was helpful in teaching me the ropes & worked as a team to make things run smoothly."



AlyssaAlyssa McLymond

Social Media Assistant

"Initially, I came to work at King's with my mom (Colleen) as punishment. I couldn't work the conveyor belt without being an employee, so I became an official member of the King's Team in 2018. Thanks mom!"?




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N I G H T   C R E W

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