Shipping and Handling Policies

King's Wholesale Florists offer 3 shipping options to  support your needs. The dates available are based on several factors and the shipping option you choose at checkout.

  • Pickup in Store - always available at the Bradenton, FL location during business hours
  • King's Delivery - covering Southwest and Central Florida, available for merchants
  • FedEx Delivery - limited to overnight delivery for fresh products, other options available for supplies
    • Not all products can be shipped by FedEx because of size and weight limitation

Vendor Product Availability

King's Wholesale Florists is offering products directly from some 3rd party suppliers on the web site. Since the inventory of these products are in remote locations, their availability for ordering must be confirmed by a salesperson before your order can be completed. There will be "box handling charges" added, depending on the box sizes, before your order is placed, and shown in "order review".

Product Shipping Disclaimer

Shipping charges for 3rd party carriers are only an estimate and may need adjustment at the time of shipping. Various factors such as packaging size and weight may not have been accounted for when getting the estimate from the carrier. If there is a substatantial difference between the estimate and the actual charges someone from our customer service department will call to confirm and reconcile the shipping fee.

Product images are only representative of the product you may receive. Colors may vary becuase of different growing environments and seasonal factors. If you have to closley match the flowers to a certain color, shape, or size please call one of our sales people for help. We always strive to bring you products of the best qualtity possible.

If a product has a "bunch count" that number may not represent the actual count but rather an estimate or average. This is because of variations of size and weight in what we receive from the growers or other vendors.

Order Cutoff Times *

  • Pickup in Store - 3:00 PM - web orders can be picked up on the same day if you order before cutoff time 
    • We recommend calling to confirm if you plan on same day pick up
  • King's Delivery - web orders will generally be delivered on the next business day
    • This depends on what route you are on and if the order is placed before midnight
    • Ordering on a weekend or a holiday usually means that delivery will be on the next business day
  • FedEx Delivery - 10:00 AM - if you order before the cutoff time, we will ship on that day, if possible
    • Ordering on a weekend or a holiday usually means that shipping will be on the next business day
    • The delivery date supplied is only an estimate and we cannot guarantee on-time delivery for 3rd party carriers
    • Shipping charges for FedEx are only an estimate and may change when shipped. See the shipping disclaimer

* all cutoff times are subject to change and are displayed on the web site

If you have any questions, please call our customer service department at 941-748-3553 or 1-800-881-5464 (toll free).